Readymade Curtains 

With our guide on measuring curtains you'll be expertly sizing up your windows in no time.

How to measure for curtains?

To ensure you get the correct Width:
1. Measure the width of your existing track or pole
2. Multiply the width by 2, depending on how gathered or full you would like your windows to look.

To ensure you get the correct Length:
1. Measure from where the curtains will hook onto the pole or track to where you would like the curtains to finish hanging.
o for ringtop eyelet curtains measure from the top of the pole.

Types of curtian headers:
The most common curtain headers are pencil pleated and ringtop eyelets


                 Curtain Size Chart:                

                    INCHES                                            CENTIMETRES                          Measurements are shown are for one panel,

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